19 May 2008

It’s Too Heavy For Me To Carry

Heavy Burden 1

It is damp and dreary here in West Indy, but the flowers on my porch and in my yard are in full bloom, and that makes all the difference. I’m sure some hate the thought of “yard work” or anything to do with planting and keeping something growing alive, but for me it’s bliss to have a few hours alone with nothing more than dirt, plants, and silence. I haven’t always been this way, but the older I’ve gotten, and the more chaotic things are with the rest of life, the more I’ve come to cherish the brief, shining moments in my little garden. In many ways the simple task of planting something and watching it grow, while at the same time adding beauty and color to an otherwise drab exterior – well, it reminds me of something else; something bigger and older and quite simply, better than most of what I see and hear around me.

The flowers and plants remind me that some things in this life are still beautiful and worth fighting for – my wife and marriage, my Godchildren, my family and friends, and the Good and Truth that remains here against all odds. I find that God places little reminders everywhere, and usually they come right when I need them. And hence, the reason for this post. I mentioned in the last update that I would be telling some of the stories of living with 3 children not my own and the dramatic change that this has brought upon my wife and I. This is one of many, and like my flowers, it’s one way in which God has broken through the haze and blur of postmodern life and stirred this otherwise cold and sleepy heart.

The last couple weeks have been particularly trying for us as parents. Due to some unfortunate…

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15 November 2007

Every Father Knows & Cares…

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks to be sure. The weather here in NapTown has gone from a pleasant 65 degrees and blue skies to the more seasonal 45 degrees complete with the usual Novemberish ceiling of gray. In one word – oppressive. The skies seem to mimic what’s happening in my own life as well.

After a round of antibiotics to treat a bad sinus infection I found myself ill yet again with a bad cold. I can only presume that due to 6 weeks of being sick my immune system was just too weak to fight it off. So I spent yet another weekend and a couple days off of work feeling like crap and lying in bed with only my thoughts to keep me warm…well, that and a big fluffy blanket.

Our good friends, the Jewett’s, came to visit this past weekend, and as always it was a joy to be with them and have time for conversation and fellowship. We had missed them dearly and as the time for their own pending adventure nears we seem to cherish each time together a little more.

As a surprise bonus we had a visit from our friends, the Wendland’s, on Saturday afternoon. They traveled up from Cincinnati with their children to pick up a family member in the evening, but wanted to spend the day seeing old friends in Indy. Their 6 month old infant, Elias, has recently been diagnosed with Krabbe Leukodystrophy,

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19 September 2007

Rich & Rob

Rich Mullins
Richard Wayne Mullins
October 21, 1955 – September 19, 1997
Today is the 10th Anniversary of Rich Mullins death. It also would have been my Uncle Scott’s 53rd birthday. It’s hard to believe that not only has it been 10 years since Rich passed away but that I lost my Uncle Scott so early. Memory Eternal! I miss my Uncle very much, and also, while I only met him once, I can honestly say that I miss Rich as well. His music and his life have been extremely influential in my own journey. To read a short biography about Rich see HERE. Memory Eternal!

Ok, so while I’m still writing a lot of thoughts down about Summer Camp and what’s happening in my own life right now, I wanted to pause and post this here. This interview with Rob Bell came to me in the weekly newsletter from The Wittenburg Door. What Rob had to say to the interviewer really hit me. It’s something that I’ve been ruminating on myself since camp, and have discussed with the Men’s at Men’s Group on occasion – this notion that the Church is not acting like the Church but rather like spoiled children most of the time. Especially among Christians in America, myself included, there is often an attitude of entitlement and sometimes a blind ignorance to the needs of the poor and destitute right on our own front porch, much less throughout the world.

So what to do to change? What can I do to affect change?

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3 December 2003


Yes, I too have been struck by the ole’ flu virus, and we hates it, yes we hates it my precious…

Janna and I would appreciate any and all prayers for the Lord to open doors for employment and housing in Nap-Town for us. We’re both getting antsy to get back! A big THANK YOU to all in advance, as I know you pray for us anyway. Our prayers are certainly with you all, especially those of you ill with this damnable flu, and all y’all college educated folk who are taking finals. 🙂

I think I’ll actually post about something in a few days…