September 8


About The Author

My name is Luke Beecham – welcome to my place on the inter-webs!  Non-profit management, business and IT consulting, and tending bar provide the basis of my gainful employment.  I work with FOCUS Indy, Shower To The People, and Round Town Brewery in Indianapolis, IN, and the rest of my time I try to live life to the fullest, by writing, singing, traveling, attempting to be a good husband and Godfather, and working to resist and restore the old foundations and cause the paths between them to rest (Isaiah 58) with my wife Janna.  We live near downtown Indianapolis in a home built in the 1890s in the inner city neighborhood of West Indianapolis.  I have nearly 20 years of experience working both professionally and as a volunteer with youth, young adult, college and camping ministries & non-profit organizations.  I love to write, sing and play original music at local venues, play in the dirt and yarden, and as Thoreau said, attempt to “suck all the marrow out of life.”  This site is my public outlet for publishing some of my writing about life, love, and the grace of God, and occasionally posting new music I’ve written.  It is entitled “Chanting Down Babylon” and subtexted “Wondering Where the Lions Are.”  These are nods to the music of Bob Marley and Bruce Cockburn, two of my favorite artists and activists, and also to my belief that as Christians living “The Way”, we must non-violently resist Babylon and go into the forgotten places of the Empire to live and bring light into the darkness, to rebuild and restore the old ruins, loving our neighbors as ourselves no matter who they are or what they believe.  In doing this, I often wonder where the lions are – meaning, I wonder where are all the strong Believers who remember the Old Story and who live their faith with their lives are at – those that help others to see that another world is possible, away from the Empire and the trappings of “Babylon.”  Thanks for stopping by – I hope you enjoy it and above all I hope you live your life to its fullest and see the Light surrounding you! – LB