11 October 2003

Prayer for a Broken Heart

Well, I’m breaking context here, and I’m posting more than one in a week. Autumn is getting to be in full swing here in Southern Indiana, and I’m in paradise! Yeah, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than here in the woods in the middle of October. Thanks be to God for the dear Nuns who have given us this opportunity, and above all, Glory to God for all things!

Ok, after being thankful for the splendor of the trees exploding into color, I’m also thankful for the flood of songs that I feel being pulled out of this soulful wreckage of a man. In being thankful, I’d like to share a prayer here that is also a song; one that I’m proud of and thankful for. It’s rare that I write something that I’m really proud of, and this is one of the very few. It’s also a deep prayer to God for forgiveness, strength, faith, hope, and love. As with all things of God, He never disappoints and always answers prayers made in humility, and belive me, this one was and is. The prayer and song is based on my own struggles to believe, but also the story of “Eustace and the Dragon” in the 3rd Book of the series “The Chronicles of Narnia” which is titled, “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” (Sorry, but I have to put this…) Music & Lyrics by Luke Seraphim Beecham, Copyright 2003 for Six Winged Soul Music.

Lord, I long to know You
Lord, I long to see your Face
Lord, I long for you to hold me
In your sweet embrace
Bruised and blistered I’ve become, longing just to see the sun of your love
Shining on my face
Blood in every step I take from carrying these chains I make to hold me
Away from You
And with the talon of your love, you slay the dragon I’ve become
And reveal the creature that You’ve made
Now as the winter of my sin settles deep into my skin, I ache, I ache
And I feel the frost of grief that’s frozen all of my belief
And my heart breaks
And in my rags of poverty I kneel with all that’s left in me
And You wash me with your Grace
But the mountains would not seem so high without the valley low
And without the blast of sins since past how would we ever know
Of a Love that we only imagine in our wildest dreams
And the grace that winds the Autumn road of all our selfish schemes
Still, Sister Moon shines on me just the same
Though I’m filled with doubt, regret, fear and shame
And if I turn back to her soft glow
I’ll radiate and start to show
The same hollowed surface that makes us both reflect