4 March 2007

Down the Path

This post is the beginning of a series. I will frequently try to include a photograph with each installment in the series. I’m somewhat of a hack photographer and often a single photograph will correspond with what I’m writing (at least, in my head it seems to go along…) and so as far as is possible and makes sense I’ll include something. The added benefit is that if you, the reader, are anything like me, having some type of image to look at and associate with the text will hold your attention longer than simply reading my words. Children’s books that are well illustrated often hold my attention much more quickly than simple type, as I have a short attention span and consider myself a rather large child most of the time, and pictures just naturally draw me in.

This post can be considered the preface to all of the subsequent installments. The string tying all this mind meat together will be the Lenten Prayer of St. Ephraim.

While there are many subtly different translations of this prayer, the text I will be using is as follows:

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