7 October 2010

Sleep My Little Ones, Sleep

Tessa at 3 Months Old

Songs and simple writing have not come easily these past few years. Not sure if it was writer’s block or just a lack of ability to set them free. I commented to my wife several times that I could feel the songs and pages in the book somewhere in there, but was having difficulty putting them to paper, like a stopper was in place. At any rate, it would seem that it’s been removed and they’re starting to flow. Grief does that I suppose – it leaves you with few options, most of which are not beneficial or compatible with staying out of jail, and besides, it must be faced, again and again – love leaves no other option. Anything less is fear driven self-centeredness and profits nothing, as my friend G. would say. So writing again is good, and liberating, and it’s cheaper than therapy, healthier than drinking sorrows away, and safer than drugs, so…bonus! Grace often comes not by immediate answers to my temper tantrums at God, but rather in the little things He whispers when I’m still and listening. I don’t sleep well as a rule, and so I often sneak out of bed after the wifey is asleep. (She once commented, “I imagine you have this whole other life after I’m asleep…” I do.)

Sometimes I go outside and just stand there in the night air and let the country bliss sink in. These are some new lyrics that came out late at night while standing outside my home in beautiful rural Indiana, looking up and wondering what the kids were doing, and secretly hoping that they were hearing the same music and whispers I was hearing, miles away in their beds. I do miss singing to them, so I figured, distance is nothing – I’ll sing anyway, and let the wind carry the song all the way to West Indy. Glory to God for all things!  Here are the lyrics and the song – a rough home demo recording, with Tessa (pictured above as a baby) talking in the background. 🙂

Sleep My Little Ones, Sleep

the stars they really shine tonight
moon eclipsed and venus bright
and my mind try as it might
it never can forget

i stood there for quite some time
and let the silence fill my mind
my heart let out an aching sigh
that rose up to my lips

sleep on my little ones sleep
memories drip down on my cheeks
but love can cross this distance wide
so sleep my little ones sleep

leafy whispers fill the air
solemn pines give solace here
and I am letting go of care
and drifting off to sleep

Gabriel lift me to my bed
and let these visions in my head
fill my dreams with joy instead
of overwhelming grief

sleep on my little ones sleep
and in your hearts our love do keep
life is short and time it fleets
so sleep my little ones sleep

for all of this it soon shall pass
and even good things rarely last
present moving on to past
so sleep my little ones sleep

sleep my little ones sleep

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  1. By Kara Jordan on

    What a blessing to hear these words. They speak so well of the grief I feel too. Thank you, dear Seraphim.

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