5 August 2007

Summer Camp Endeth

There will be more coming soon. The last two months have been super busy preparing for the past week of Summer Camp. It was another excellent year and I’m thankful for a safe week and an incredible time. Here’s the official camp photo. More to come soon…

St. John's Summer Camp 2007

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Posted 5 August, 2007 by Luke Beecham in category "Life


  1. By Kristin Powell (Amen) on

    Hey Luke!! Do you remember me? Maybe not its been since 2002 (I think) since we last saw each other at camp. Anyway, wow camp faces haven’t changed all that much and man do I miss going there every summer. If only for a week of peace and quite. But, alas, work and being a mommy and being married take up much of my time. Great pic!!


  2. By Luke Beecham (Post author) on

    Of course I do. 🙂 Glad to hear you’re doing well, and with a kid! I hear your dad is heading into Yankee territory for seminary… Wow! Crazy. Hope all is well. Stay in touch!

  3. By Kristin Powell (Amen) on

    yep. My dad, his wife and my little sister (Alex) are all in Boston right now. Its weird not having them right up the road but hey, its my dads passion. They are gonna be stuck with the Yankees for a few years then my dad will go wherever he is assigned. I personally hope its somewhere close to us, as I can’t stand the tought of my little sister growing up away from us all. My older sister Kandace, is with her husband and thier two kids in Colorado. Her husband is in the Army so they move alot. Anyway, its so cool that I found Camp people on her. Its the internet great? lol!!


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