8 December 2006


Janna Lynn Beecham

Today is my wife’s 30th Birthday! Click on the photo above for a nice series of all things Janna. 🙂

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Happy Birthday Janna! I Love you! God grant you many, many years!

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  1. By Dadinlaw Joshua on

    Hey you sweet daughter-in-law, Happy Birthday. Thoughtful, compassionate, guiless, composed, lovely, insightful, caring, loving, deeply feeling and deeply touching, spiritually practical, gently firm, discreetly vulnerable – just a few words that describe why Kathy and I consider you such a jewel of a “daughter.” Have a blessed day! Joshua and Kathy

  2. By Jon on

    Happy Birthday Janna Lynn! You’re the best 30-year-old sister-in-law in the world!

  3. By Becky Lashbrook on

    Happy Birthday, Janna! It has been my great pleasure watching you grow up, beautiful from the very start . . . may God grant you many years!

  4. By Russ Mangiapane on

    i wish we could be there to celebrate this event in person, however, this will have to do for now. may God grant you many more birthdays to celebrate and may you grow old with luke swapping teeth and changing his depends.
    russell john

  5. By John & Melanie Rentsch on


    To the best marriage sponsor, former landlady, hostess, and all around good friend, we wish you the happiest birthday ever! God grant you many years!

    John and Melanie

  6. By Clara Clemens on

    Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day and weekend celebrating! May God grant you many more healthy years! Glad to have you in our lives


  7. By Chris McCulloh on

    Happy Birthday!

    God grant you many many years!


  8. By Brian McCulloh on

    Janna – Hope you have a great birthday!

  9. By Ali Beecham on

    Happy Day to Janna Lynn!! How old are you again? Weird! You are such a special, significant person in my life and I thank God for you every day. You’re my sister, my friend, my neighbor, my advice-giver, my truth-teller, my child-watcher, my encourager, my grocery store, and my “spare car” loaner. Thanks for you. Many years!
    Love, your favorite sister

  10. By Jeanine DeLashmit on

    Happy Birthday Janna, It has been a great joy to see you grow from birth to womanhood. What a fantastic person you have become. Love you, Jeanine.

  11. By Phil on

    Happy birthday Janna!!! Enjoy your life while you still can.

  12. By Susie Almy on

    May God grant you many blessed years!
    We officially met only this summer, and I’ve been blessed by your hospitality and your kindness spending time in Indy. But even before meeting you in person, I felt blessed–and continue to be blessed, by seeing the way your love and support shine through Luke; for three years now I have gotten to grow spending time at St. John’s Camp, and it’s always impresses me in his talks how much you mean to him. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  13. By Sherry on

    Another decade for misbehavin’!! History awaits you.

    Many, many years.



  14. By Eric and Carrie Jewett on

    Happy Birthday Janna! Wow…..people really like you!!! I guess it is unanimous…we love you Janna! Thank you for your great frienship to our entire family! Thank You for being our children’s Godmother! Thank you for your faith and life! God Grant You Many Years!!

  15. By Arthur on

    Hey Janna, Happy Birthday! I could’ve sworn you were like 23, but Luke promised it was 30. I hope you have a great day and do something special like bake cookies for our Monopoly game. Seriously, we all love you, it’s a blessing to have you in our lives. Thanks for marrying Luke too, he’s much more pleasant to be around now that you’ve been influencing him.

    That picture of you looking at the sunset in SB is awesome, by the way.

  16. By Fr. Joseph on

    Dear Janna:
    + The Blessing of the Lord Be upon you through His Grace and Love toward mankind, always, now and ever, and unto ages of ages! Amen!
    30 years ago a very special gift was given to this world.
    That was the gift of you!
    I see the wonderful things our Heavenly Father has done through you and I wait with anticipation to see what He has in store for us because you are in the world.
    God grant you many, many wonder filled years!
    May you continue to grow in Grace, Peace and Joy!
    With many prayers and blessings –
    Fr Joseph

  17. By Jen Mangiapane on

    this is russ…i won’t have time to tell jen about this before you read these so i am going to write what i think she would say:

    jana, i miss living close to you and seeing you on a regular basis. you have the second best husband doing this for you as mine just can’t be beat. luke would have to be an amazing man to beat out my husband for the “best-husband award” as my husband is so kind and caring, very supportive and sensitive to my needs. he is always revealing Christ to me as he lays down his life for me in every way all the time. i love him soooooo much and may God grant you many years to learn to love your husband as much as i love mine.

    love jen

  18. By Beth on

    Happy 30th Birthday Janna. Your are truly a gift and I have enjoyed watching to you grow-up and now getting to know you as an adult! I look forward to many more wonderful years of friendship. Have a wonderful birthday!

  19. By Doris Weisman on

    Happy 30th, Janna!! I hope you have a great birthday and a wonderful year. It’s been quite a pleasure getting to know you a little better over the last couple of weeks.

    Best wishes for joy, health, and fulfillment in your life!

    with much love in Christ,


  20. By Ruth Jensen on

    Happy Birthday Baby! May God grant your heart’s desires this year! Love ya!

  21. By Ange on

    Nan…. You are the greatest! Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday dear Nana… Happy birthday to you! And MANY more…..

    God grand you many years, God grant you many years, Goooooodddd grant you many… many years!

    May you live stress free for the next 2/3rds of your life:).

    Love you always…Ange

  22. By Jillian on

    Happy 30th Janna! The best is yet to come!

    May God bless you and give you many years!
    Jillian De Moya

  23. By Sue Nelson on

    Happy Birthday Janna! I have many warm and fond memories of you watching you grow into the wonderful woman you are! God grant you many, many years. I can guarantee you that you will still enjoy life 20 years from now when you are my age!

    Love you!


  24. By Basil on

    Janna, sorry I’m late. I’ve been on the ship non-stop for the past several days. Many years and happy birthday.

  25. By Josh on

    Hey Janna, I haven’t been on the ship, but I have been out of town… Hope your bithday was a good one and that God will Grant you many more.

  26. By Jill Baar on

    Hi Janna – Happy 30th (again). As I think of you, I again realize the wonder and privelege I have had of watching you grow into the wonderful woman that you are today. When I think of you and look at you, I realize again that you have truly been a gift on loan to me and how much I have learned, grown and understand from being a part of that – thanks be to God!!

    My prayer for you today – don’t let one day go by regretting what you have or have not done but rejoice that you have been given today to love, laugh, love — to be sensitive to God’s beckoning, understand and practice repentance and be grateful for His forgiveness. You Rock!!

  27. By Linda Allen on

    Happy 30th Birthday, Janna! Enjoy a wonderful celebration of YOU!

    -Linda Allen-

  28. By Susie & Jim Curry on

    Happy Happy birthday to a lovely and grcious young lady and friend and neighbor! May God bless you abundantly and grant you many happy years!!!!

  29. By Carrie Cornelius on

    Happy 30th Janna!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

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