11 July 2005

Ordinations & Tonsurings

The Newly Ordained Priest Philip
& Newly Tonsured Readers Joshua, Joshua, & Luke Seraphim
with His Eminence, Archbishop JOB

The Newly Ordained Priest Zachariah

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Posted 11 July, 2005 by Luke Beecham in category "Life", "Orthodoxy


  1. By Gregory Erickson on

    Many years!
    Isn’t Apb. Job the best?!?!
    I love the Icons in your Sanctuary (and the open Iconostasis). Who wrote the Icons?

  2. By Luke Seraphim on

    Thank you! Yes, we are truly blessed to have him as our Bishop. A very good and saintly man. As for the icons; a man by the name of Rick Krumpacker wrote them back in the late 1970’s early ’80s when we were still a part of the EOC. I have no idea where he is today. Thanks for your comments! Out of curiosity, where are you located and how did you find my blog? (Always nice to meet new OC’s from around the globe. 🙂 )

  3. By Gregory Erickson on

    I’m currently in the Portland, Oregon area. Originally from Chicago. Was baptized and chrismated Orthodox at Holy Trinity (OCA) in Chicago in 1994.
    Saw you on http://www.orthodoxblogs.com
    I tend to post somewhat regularly myself.
    See you around! (God willing, of course.) 🙂

  4. By Luke Seraphim on

    Excellent! Hey, if you by chance know of a John Kratzer, please say hello for me. Peace and all good things to you and yours!

  5. By Eric Jewett on

    Wow that picture was good to see! I don’t know exactly what to say, but it does my heart good to see all of you standing there, committing yourselves unto God and his church. What courage! Thank you for your lives and examples….all of you.

  6. By Dave on

    Many years, especially to Rdr Luke Seraphim and Rdr Joshua!

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