11 August 2004

I Smell the Fresh Baked Bread of Heaven…

Well, these are classics… Hope they make you cry. Cheers!

No Brains Windows Media
Spirit is Moving Windows Media
Fresh Baked Bread Must have Real Player. Save to disk; then open. It’s worth it!
Sound of Abundance Real Video
Feeling Deep Down Inside Me Real Video
Sound of Abundance II Real Video

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Posted 11 August, 2004 by Luke Beecham in category "General


  1. By Josh on

    Ah yes,
    the classics that we’ve loved for years, along with some newer vintages. 🙂 When I watch these, I can’t help but laugh. But then, I feel so sacrilegious afterwards. I really hope God’s sense of humor includes stuff like this. If not, Lord have mercy on us sinners.

  2. By Luke Seraphim on

    Yeah, and the sad/scary part is, if you take out all the “noises” he is just as wacky to watch, and people actually send the man money! WOW! It makes me sick. Basically I wouldn’t mind so much if he was just a harmless nutjob, but 99% of people who send him money are either elderly or desperate. So really he’s a predator.

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