24 June 2004

Back to Nap-Town

Well, once again, Janna and I have moved, and this time it’s back to Nap-town, or Indianapolis to the layman. Yeah, it’s been an excellent time away. The Lord has blessed us beyond our wildest hopes with time away to contemplate what He asks of us, and simply given us time to become one as a couple and take a break from city life. However, it’s home to Indy and St. John’s again. Janna’s maternal grandmother is in poor health, and my brother Jon and his wife Allison are having the first grandbaby in September, so we were feeling the pull to be home again. We miss our dear friends Eric & Carrie with whom we lived for nearly 4 months, and sometimes wonder what’s in store for us, but are happy to be home again. Janna has found employment, and I am currently looking for that perfect job that will pay well, and allow me time to continue my service to the Church through our camp programs…ahhh…what would that look like? Anyway…the sights, the sounds, and the smells of West Indy; both good and bad, there is truly nothing like stepping into your home parish and catching the scent of amber and myrrh wafting through the air, and you remember the smell of prayer, and breathe deep the breath of God. Life is good, and God is truly Good Himself. May He show us His path, and above all, teach us to love here and now; in this world He has placed us.

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Posted 24 June, 2004 by Luke Beecham in category "General

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