21 April 2004

Happy Birtday Rabbit!

The Great Octo-Rabbit

Once again it is time to wish a very Happy Birthday to “A Whistling Train” blog owner, and my dear friend, Joshua “Rabbit” Coolman. Rabbit was born on this day sometime in the distant past. So hop on over to the Rabtab blog, or comment here, and wish the Rabbit a very happy birthday!

(While raising the virtual pint o’ Guinness…) My “cheers” to you Rabbit, and may God grant you many, many years!

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Posted 21 April, 2004 by Luke Beecham in category "General


  1. By Josh on

    You shouldn’t have,
    But thanks.
    (Mmmmmmm, virtual Guinness)

  2. By Huw Raphael on

    May I just say… that’s one spooky picture.
    Don’t know why, but it is.
    And belated happy birthdays all around.

  3. By Caleb Jensen on

    Happy REALLY belated b-day… I’ve been gone at CBC too long LOL and I just recieved this link for both of your blogs.

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