15 November 2003

Sex in Media

Just wanted to make a pointer to a post and lively discussion over at Karl’s Blog entitled “Sex in Films.” Be sure to have a good beer or a warm cup of coffee handy, as there are now 39 comments to the original post! A very good discussion in my opinion, however, it is much too male heavy. Any female readers, please add your two cents worth. Too much testosterone floating around…

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Posted 15 November, 2003 by Luke Beecham in category "Discussion", "General


  1. By Joshua Coolman on


    someone should print that out and publish it. It is a testiment to good blog’n. It’s a great example of open communication lines. Sometimes I am weary about theological conversations/debates/arguments that go on and on. However, I think that this discusion had a healthy exchange of oppinions. Good link.

  2. By Luke Seraphim on

    Thanks! I totally agree. It was nice to see Christians from all backgrounds struggling with a thread common to us all though. Let’s hope this happens more often…

  3. By Karl Thienes on

    Josh, and Luke: thanks for the props! My readers are pretty sharp folk and seem to enjoy and good discussion. It is nice when there are lots of commenters working off one another, clarifying and contemplating different perspectives.

    Sadly, some of my most commented on posts have to have words like “sex” in them to draw the reader in!

  4. By Luke Seraphim on

    Soitenly! Well, just followin’ modern trends…

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