30 August 2003

Episode IV: A New Hope

Pardon the Star Wars geeky-ness. I am excited to see my brother, crackers from the Westside, and Bachelor Pad of Glory alumni and current B.P.O.G. brothers this weekend! Supposedly 6-8 guys will be coming with their instruments and frisbees, and will be bringing me beer (oh precious Guinness, thou art fairer still…) and flesh meats. Oh happy day! And, as an added bonus, my precious little God-daughter is coming for a visit! Thank you Father!

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Posted 30 August, 2003 by Luke Beecham in category "General", "Life


  1. By JoelThomas on

    Luke! Luke! I am so sorry! (catch the star wars reference there? hehe) No man, I really wanted to be down there this weekend, but other plans had already been made. Hope you all had fun, and that it was a loving, refreshing experience for you.

  2. By Luke Seraphim on

    Yeah, it was grace to me. The guys that came, and all of you who pitched in to pay, will NEVER know how much this meant and will always mean to me. There are times here and there when God’s love for me is made visible so blatantly by my brothers in Christ, and I am so thankful that they always seem to come when I’m at my lowest. Divine wisdom…perhaps! Thank you all, and thank you Father!

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